Using colour, texture and fluid art to Evoke Emotion.

Pam Carr: Bio

 Mayne Island artist, Pam Carr, creates her abstract art in her home studio in the cob house she has been building for the last five years. Nestled in the forest of this Southern Gulf Island, off the west coast of Canada,  it is the perfect space for making art.  

Pam is best known for her use of colour and texture in abstract paintings to evoke emotions. She intuitively experiments with abstraction, using acrylic paint and traditional as well as found objects and materials to manipulate, drag and splatter the paint and create texture and layers in her works. Pam also loves the spontaneity of fluid art and uses acrylics and resin to create joyful expressive works. 

Art has been a constant throughout her life, first as a singer/songwriter and now a visual artist. Pam’s style is constantly evolving as she plays with colour and explores new techniques. She began her abstract career as a means of dealing with personal loss and her art reflects the full spectrum of human emotions; grief, chaos, resilience, fear, joy and exhilaration.