Artist statement

Pam Carr


I am currently working with acrylics and predominantly abstract art, exploring colour, textures and layering. My inspiration comes from deeply seated emotions as well as nature, which always offers opportunities to express and mirror human emotion.

I recently discovered the joy of working with mini canvases as someone commissioned a 4”x4” piece last spring. I began with fluid art abstract pieces and then moved on to small expressive landscapes. I began experimenting with techniques for creating depth and texture within a small piece. Using brushes, palette knives, my fingers and some spattering, I play with colour and build up each piece as it takes on its own personality.  Each small canvas seeks to convey a mood and employ colour and texture to express what nature can bring to us: peace, tranquility and harmony. Working on this small series has opened me up to the many different ways we see nature and our everyday world.

These smaller pieces force me to concentrate my discipline, distill my skills and thus intensify the work, as I have such a small space to communicate the feeling and atmosphere of a specific scene. I would like to expand and develop this series to have some landscapes showing the power of nature, the storms and extremes nature can throw at us. I am excited by this series and the opportunities for expression it provides.  

As my art practice is open and fluid, I discovered a medium that was as spontaneous as I am. Fluid acrylics and also resin painting have captured my imagination. The unpredictabililty and the need to trust the process have led me down an exciting path of discovery. 

Fluid Acrylic Painting

Resin Painting